How do I prepare for group discussion or GD?

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In this blog, I am going to explain you all about Group Discussion or GD...So, lets get started....

How do I prepare for group discussion? Before starting this,, lets know some basics about Group Discussion or GD..

What is Group Discussion or GD?

A group discussion is a group of individuals, gather at one place in the form of a circle with similar interest to share the ideas, solve problems or give comments. In simple terms, a group discussion is well known as GD. Generally, the group discussions are performed to assess the skill  which includes communication skills, leadership skills, managing skills, team building skills, social skills, problem-solving skills and presence of mind. At last, the rating is given on a scale of 1 to 10.
What GD has become a trend?
Group discussion became mandatory to filter the candidate’s soft skills and whether the candidate has the ability to cope up with different scenarios. The group discussion gives the employer an opportunity to assess and observe your behavior in action. The theme or task given to you is often a reflection of what is required in the actual job. Each group discussion exercise will include one or more assessors who are trained to observe and assess your behavior

People involved in Group Discussion?

Group discussions typically involve 6 to 12 participants and 3 to 6 assessors. The assessors are positioned so that they can clearly see the candidates assigned to them for the entire session. The assessors document everything they hear and observe about each person’s behavior. Upon completing the group exercise each assessor will review the information they have recorded against the desired behavior. The assessors then make a decision about your match against the job requirements.

Parameters of Selection in Group Discussion

Only on few parameters, the assessment is done. The parameters such as content, supporting others point, giving relevant examples, latest updates or news, eye-contact, conclusion and behavioral traits.
There is no secret or any rules for preparing GD. But, Before going for GD one has to consider few points.
1. Be up-to-date on latest information such as news and trending topics in the market.
2. Make a habit of reading newspapers, books and magazines so that in-detail information is provided.
3. The simple way to remember the content for a longer period is watch videos for 2-3 times.
4. Later on, select a topic and speak for yourself in front of the mirror. (Make assessment for yourself).
5. Even be aware of different topics such as sports, political news, technology news, economics and market-related news.

How to perform in GD?

When a topic is given just think over it; under which category the topic is. It might be related to life, current affairs, technology, political news and any other trending topic in the market. So, think about the topic and frame the sentence in your own words to speak. When you are speaking you need to agree or disagree to the other points and you need to give a proper reason to it. But, don’t deviate/ mislead from the topic. Make others also speak & give chance to them to put the points into the discussion.

For suppose if you are leading the group:
1. Introduce yourself & give a brief note on the topic.
2. Make a start on a positive note.
3. Discuss pros and cons of the topic and how to overcome them.
4. Make everyone speak.
5. Support others points.
6. If the group members are deviating from the topic it is your responsibility to bring them back.
As you are leading the group you need to conclude by summarizing all the points which were discussed.

Few tips for GD:

1. Grooming (appearance)
2. Be a good listener & support or add to the others points. (But don’t interrupt in middle)
3. Speak loudly and clearly.
4. Try to be first and the last speaker of the discussion.
5. Be confident while speaking (analyze with numbers if you know & it has to be fact).

Why do students fail to perform well in GD?

In today’s scenario most of the students fail to perform well in group discussion because of the below three reasons:
1. Due to fear of speaking in public.
2. Lack of knowledge on the topic.
3. No proper command on language.

Expert Advice:-

  • Make it emotional. Think about a story relating to day to day life, which can connect with people and make them emotional.
    Make it humorous. The best way to connect with people is to make them laugh. GD is not only about speaking, it is also about making your voice heard.

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