How men or women should dress for an interview

How men or women should dress for an interview

Sometime in the near future, whether in a couple of weeks or a couple of years, you will take part in an interview. And we all know first impression is everything. During the job interview, you see the employer for the very first time, and when you see him or her first, he or she pays attention to your looks also. That’s why it’s very important to nail your interview outfit. If you’re wondering How men or women should dress for an interview, you’ve come to the right place.
You must have already prepared as much as you possibly can on potential interview questions, practiced your speaking skills with your friends, and made sure you have the right address. Now all you need to worry about is how to dress. It’s a general rule of thumb to dress formal and professional, just like you would if you got the seat. Here are some standard guidelines on how men or women should dress for an interview!


1-   Business Suit
No matter what kind of seat you apply for, any kind of interviewer wants someone who looks clean, neat, someone who looks very serious, and has a strict look, which will make him or her think that you are quite responsible. So the best variant for the job interview will be the suit for men. The suit will give you the real strict look of a serious person, which interviewers really like. Besides when you meet your interviewer in suit, it makes him or her think that you really respect him and think of him as someone very important. This will make the interviewer like you.

2-   Hairstyle

The next thing you should pay attention to, is the hairstyle. Most men go to job interview without even shaving. While shaving is really important as it gives you neat and clean look. If you do not shave you will just create the image of messy person, who is lazy to shave. You can also opt for styled beard if you don’t want to clean shave. Besides shaving, you should keep your hair neat and do a neat hairstyle. If you have long hair, then you can do a pony. Pony really suits some men.

3-   Perfect Shoes
Another thing you should definitely pay much attention to, are your shoes. Just clean, polish them to shine. Try to wear classy shoes, which will once more show that you are a serious person. Try to avoid all the sport shoes. Ohh, Yeah! I know you have a lot of them but interview is not the best place to show them.

4-   Perfume
You can’t afford bad smell. The best perfume will also show that you take care of yourself, you really want to look good, to behave well and show yourself as good as possible. Besides, it is just nice to talk to a person who smells good as well. You can be dressed perfectly, you can have a very nice hair cut or hairstyle but if you smell bad, then all the things will go wrong for you.

5-   Accessories
This is the least important thing for men. You can accessorize, if you want and you can also skip, if you want. So, If you want to style, a classy belt will make you look stunning. More over you can opt for watch, leather bracelet and shades.


1. The Button-Down Shirt

The classic button down shirt is the most basic piece of all professional dress codes. This is a must for general survival of adult life, let alone for a job interview. Make sure it buttons all the way up and is nicely fitted! The loose style is great for a lot occasions, but for this situation it can make you look untidy and sloppy, so get the fitted one.

2. The Dress Pants

Ah, the dress pants. This is important. Jeans are a big NO NO. Having at least one or two pairs of quality trousers is essential. Stick to black or neutral colors, and be certain they’re hemmed! No interviewer wants to see baggy pants dusting the floor! Slim fit is totally acceptable, but just be sure they’re fitted well.

3. The Chic Blazer

A great blazer really brings the whole outfit together. While more modern-style ones are looser and button-less, the traditional cut will always have an air of sophistication. And again, it’s crucial that your blazer is well-fitted from the shoulder to the end of the sleeves and that it’s the right size for your torso. Like the pants, neutral colors or softer shades are best.

4. The Pencil Skirt

Skirts are absolutely great for interviews, especially if you’re interviewing for something more glamorous like a fashion magazine or Fashion Designing. But sometimes, it can get tricky. You don’t want them to be too short…but like overly long pants, a floor-dragging skirt looks messy. The same rules apply here: well-fitted but not too tight and neutral colors. A basic midi skirt will work hitting at just about the kneecaps or a little lower.

5. The Right Shoes

There are so many different kinds of shoes out there; it’s hard to go wrong. But there are some broad norms for shoes: stay away from super high heels, particularly platforms, stilettos, and chunky heels. If you really want to, stick with short wedges or pumps. Closed-toe is best. Never show an open toe at in interview, no one wants to see those! Some great examples are closed toe, dressy loafers, and the always-reliable flats. This is a great way to express your personal style!

7. A Good Suit

A good suit goes a long way, both Ethnic and Business Suit. When searching for a suit, stick to neutral colors like black, grey or navy blue. Light colors, minimal prints. You can never go wrong with these colors and design. Next, decide how you want your suit to fit. Most importantly, make sure the suit you choose fits well. It’s a good idea to take it to a tailor to get it fitted perfectly.

7. Caution For

This interview is all about you, your skills, and what you can bring to the company or any institution. You want to present the best version of yourself, but you want to be completely yourself as well. However, sometimes JEWELRY like huge dangling earrings, large rings, and pendants can get distracting. If you get the opportunity, maybe then you can start thinking about wearing all the jewelry you want, but for the interview, keep it simple. A nice statement necklace can finish off any interview outfit. Keep your earrings minimal, such as gold, diamond or pearl studs. WATCH is always a good idea. Keep your MAKE-UP minimal, do not get over board.

-:Some Extra Tips:-

All these rules can seem restricting at times, but the dress code for interviews tends to be on the conservative side: neutral colors, fitted clothes, light on the jewelry minimal on make-up. Of course no doubts that having enough knowledge and skills matters a lot, but the look also matters. The employer cannot know all about your knowledge and skills from the very first sight, so the look is extremely important. If you look perfect you will make your chances much higher.
This is your interview, and you get to decide what you wear. Some companies lean towards the casual side and you’ll be more free to change it up and show more of your own style. No matter what, you want to look your best!

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