How to save money as a Student

Are you thinking How to save money as a student? 

Here are the tips:-  Attending college can be expensive; the costs of tuition, books, board or supplies can really add up pretty fast. These are the main reasons why saving money while in college is so tough and important at the same time.
There are different ways to save money while in college. The more you save the better you will be prepared for any unexpected expenses or other costs that can come along the way during your college years.
Saving money as a college student will not only help you keep more money in your pockets but also develop the foundation of good financial skills that you might need later in life. The list below describes some of the best money saving tips that would help you save money while attending college.



As a college student, budgeting your expenses every month will save you a lot of money. A budget will help you determine in advance whether or not you will have enough money to spend on things you want or need during the month.

Try to see ways to cut your monthly expenses in order to save money during college. Another advantage of budgeting while in college is that it might help you avoid impulsive purchases because you need to keep track of every single expense.
Keep in mind that when using a budget and making it work for you, you will need to stick to it, so no overspending and you will be surprised at how much money you can save by creating a simple budget.


Scholarships are a great help to get your education cheap or even for free! Take note of every application’s requirements and don’t fall behind with deadlines. Most entities that offer scholarships to college students will require you to fill an application form.

So, it is a good idea to keep up with all the requirements for each entity that you apply for. By doing this you can seriously save a lot of money and finish your college education at a low cost.


While I was in college, the thing that most shocked me was the high cost of college textbooks.
I remember prices from 1500/- INR to almost 2500/- INR! That’s a lot of money for each book! A great way to save money on textbooks is by renting or buying them used. Library is the best option for getting your text books to study.. There are so many journals, online/ offline, available at college library.. DO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT!!

There are different places where you can get your textbooks cheap. Take advantage of Amazon, Chegg or eBay where you can find the best prices for valuable books without going broke.


As a student, you will have the opportunity to save a lot of money by getting student discounts. Use your student ID card to save money on different things.

Many places such as restaurants, local convince movie theaters, grocery stores or even Amazon offer student discounts! With Amazon, you can get their Amazon Prime Student membership at a 50% discount after your first 6-month trial!
This is a great alternative to get unlimited streaming for thousands of movies and TV episodes.

  • Disconnect your cable connection..


Eating out can take a big part of your budget as a student. The costs of eating or drinking can add up quickly.
If you already have a campus meal plan then use it; you can save good money by going this route. However, if you don’t have a meal plan set up, then a great alternative is to cook your own meals. Create a budget for your grocery expenses and stick to it. It's healthy also..
  • Carry your own water bottle, do not spend on disposable water bottle.
  • Make you own coffee, do not spend on expensive coffee all the time.

6. Don’t Be Impulsive

One situation that best demonstrates being impulsive is when purchasing or buying things that you don’t really need.

Focus on the things that matters most, just visit the malls or shopping center when you really need to purchase an item.


Most universities offer free activities to students. It can vary from sports to movie nights to free tickets to college musical concerts or performances.

Take advantage of these free activities on campus instead of spending money by going out. You will not only save money but you will also have a lot of fun while socializing with other students and meeting new people.

8. Live Below Your Means

One of the golden rules to save money is living below your means, meaning don’t force yourself to buy something you can’t afford.
This is highly observed in college or universities where some want to have the latest brands, latest version of gadgets like laptops and cellphones which is not necessary to upgrade every now and then if yours are still working well and doing its job.

  • Do not spend on iphones, ipads, use affordable once.
  • Do not spend on expensive clothing brand, wait for SALE.
  • Do not get pets, as they need care and expenses too.

9. Using Other Money Making Method

Try to earn some money on your own by doing any part time job, you can also use other money making Methods like Tutions, Drop shipping, Affiliate Marketing, Website, Advertisement, Stocks, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and like this many other Methods.


I hope you find yourself in the same situation but now after reading this post, try all the effective ways on how to save money as a student. I know, you all love to spend on clothes, gadgets, bikes, beauty salons, parties an all,,, but try to spend on your own,, try not using your parents or siblings credit card.. 

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Good Luck!!
May You Earn So Much to Spend !!


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